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Gently Cleaning Your Upholstered Furniture

Most people look at the tag on their furniture and see that it says “Do not wet clean.” This tag is there to keep home-owners from damaging their own furniture. Most furniture can be wet cleaned or steam cleaned if done properly by a trained professional. We make sure to use the best and safest method of cleaning.

The furniture cleaning process involves a careful pre-inspection and pre-testing before it is cleaned to be sure that the best and safest method of cleaning is used. It is important that we first try to identify the type of material used in making the fabric. This is done by removing a piece of fiber from an inconspicuous area where there is some extra fabric. The fabric is then taken outside and burned to see what it is made of according to our burn chart.

We then must test our cleaning solution on a hidden spot to make sure that the dyes in the fabric are stable. We do this by applying a small amount of cleaning solution to a white towel and then pressing the towel against each color in the fabric to see if there is any color transfer. If there is any transfer we may try to set the dyes with a low PH solution called “Dye-loc.” We then retest the dyes. If there is still dye transfer we may then decide to test a dry foam shampoo on the material. If we still feel it is not safe to clean the fabric we will inform you of the situation and proceed no further. This is very rare however.

To clean the piece, we lightly mist on a safe, mild cleaning solution and gently brush it with a horse hair brush. We then hot water extract it and rinse using clear, softened water with a low moisture upholstery cleaning tool.

A normal size couch takes about an hour and 15 minutes to clean properly. Chairs take anywhere from 15-35 minutes depending on their size.