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Clean Carpets That Look And Feel Like New

Precision Steam Cleaning uses a state of the art truck mounted system to ensure that you receive the best quality carpet and upholstery cleaning and fast dry times. Our process uses only safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. You will be able to see, smell and feel the difference.

Before cleaning your carpet, we go through the areas to be cleaned and do a pre-inspection. This allows you to point out any problem areas that may require extra attention. Then we do a thorough vacuuming of the carpet, as dry dirt is much easier to remove then when it is wet. This allows the cleaning to be much more effective. Then we apply an all natural pre-conditioner to the carpet to break the bond between the soils and the carpet. After allowing the pre-conditioner to do it’s job, the carpet is ready to be steam cleaned. For this we use softened water which increases the waters ability to fully remove soils. We use a very controlled amount of water in order to get your carpets dry in a timely fashion, accompanied by a good dry stroke to make sure that your carpets are only damp to the touch.

If any spots remain after normal cleaning we determine the best way to remove them and use the proper spotter and removal technique. At this time any furniture that was moved will be put back in place and blocks or tabs will be put under the legs to prevent any wood stain or rust from getting on the carpet. Now the carpet is ready to have protector applied and then groomed to stand the pile up. That will speed up drying and give the carpet a finished look.

The carpets should be dry to the touch in around 2 hours, but it is recommended that you leave the blocks and tabs under the furniture for 24 hours.